Saturday, 21 April 2012

A-Z of thankful things!

I have done this before, but why not do it again!
A - Antony, Afterchurch, Apples
B - Bible, Billy, Bakewell tart, Blackberry, Books, Bed, Ben and Jerries, Bacon
C - Chocolate, Coffee, Church, Claire, Charis, Clothes, Camps, Chicken, Charity shops
D - Daddy - both my earthly and heavenly one, Dance, Diet coke,
E - England, Ears
F - Family, Friends, Forgiveness, Faith, Food, Fifteen plus, fairtrade
G - Grandparents, Glasses - life would be so much harder without them! Grace, Guidance, Graze Boxes
H - Hope, health, hugs, hats, hair, healing, houses, hightops, holy spirit, Holidays
I - ice cream, identity in Christ, independance, ipads/ipods, internet
J - Jesus, Joy, Justice, Jam, Jason
K - Knowledge, Krispy Kremes,
L - Love, Language, Lemons, Lizards, Leopards, Leotards, Laura, Light Hearted
M - Mary, Mum, Money, Mokeys, M&Ms, Miranda
N - Nick, nature, Nicola, noses, noises, nail varnish
O - Oranges, Octupuses,
P - Prayer, peace, patience, pigs, parents, personalities, people, pants, pink lady apples, pottermore
Q - The Queen, Quality street chocolates
R - RACHEL, Reliability, razors - or we would all have really hairy legs,  rain
S - Sonia, Susie, Safety, Soul Survivor, Sleep, satisfaction, storms, shoes, socks, starbucks, spotify, sun
T - truth, trust, team 242, teaching, toilets, toilet roll, teeth, toothbrushes, tents, towels, TOMS
U - Underwear, Urban Warriors
V - voting
W - water, wisdom, writing, worship, Wagamamas
X - X-rays, Xylephones
Y - Youth, Youth groups, Yo-yos, Yeovil Community Church
Z - Zebras, Zoos, Zonkeys

I'm sure they are many many more, and when I think of them I shall update it!

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