Tuesday, 18 September 2012


So, Returning from my CRAZY summer, I started SWYM! YAAAAAAY!

SWYM = South West Youth Ministries.

So, I am doing the foundation year with SWYM, called Be Transformed and it includes a course called Engage. My placement for this year is in Yeovil as part of the Urban Warriors team :)

For the first week, we had Induction - which is for all the first years of SWYM to get to spend time together and learn together! It was an amazing week and I've already made many friendships that I know will last! We had lots of time to spend with God, Lectures, worship time etc etc! We went out into Bridgewater to do evangelism on the street which was sccary but AMAZING! God defineatly challenged me this week in many many ways, including searching my heart for what my heart behind a lot of my actions is - is it love? or is it just that I know its good and its what I've always done! Also learned a way to get to sleep when I can't sleep - The thankful alphabet, which works most of the time :)

Then, after 6 days, 30 more people arrive (totalling 60) and then we have to learn everyones names again (and by this point, having hardly slept for 6 days and been super busy I literally couldnt take in information and process it anymore)! But once we got to know each other it was another amazing four days! We got to learn about discipleship and different areas of it, and got to get to know each other a little better in our small groups - mine is AMAZING!

God spoke to me a lot during those two weeks (and continues to do so...) and some of the things were really difficult to hear, some of the things were really challenging to do when god said to do them, but I have also learnt to trust God, his plans are for good, and if we are obedient to him then we can trust that he has the best plans for our lives!

We then got Commisioned to go out into the south west and love people - specifically young people, but not exclusivley! What a challenge, and what a priveledge!

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  1. Yay, you have a blog! Looking forward to reading it over the year! :-)