Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Day 1 - a few reasons I believe in God.

I hope you all know that I'm a Christian, I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I believe in the Holy Spirit. 
But why?
Let me tell you.
Firstly, I can't look at creation and not believe in a creator. Ever looked at your own skin? (If not then you are now!!). All those lines, all that detail. Can you feel your heart beat? (Admittedly I mostly can't but that's another story). That is happening for a reason, you have your own little rhythm. Or even take a piece of grass for example, ever picked up on of them (and murdered it...) and looked at it? S much detail on something so small, that we see as so meaningless. IT MUST HAVE A MAKER! I couldn't make something that beautiful. Well, I suppose babies are pretty beautiful, but even they can't fully be created by us, because we have been created too. Anyway, you get the idea, look at something natural and I challenge you not to be amazed at its detail.
Secondly, I'm alive. I shouldn't be, not really. I should be pretty dead. But I'm not, because God has kept me alive for some reason (one I'm not always very aware of). 
Thirdly, well, it's pretty much proven that Jesus existed, and how could he do what he did on earth without being God? He couldn't. And he did even more powerful things by being dead and then alive again. (How many of us can raise ourselves from the dead? Heal a blind person? Walk on water? Of your own accord? No I didn't think so somehow).

I'm not trying to force anything on anyone, I'm aware some of you reading this may not believe in God, and that's totally your choice and I respect that. But I'd be very dead without him, and I'd be heading that way pretty fast if he didn't have me. Whether I choose him or reject him Jesus' death still has an impact. This is not me saying I get it all, or that I'm perfect, or that I always fully believe and understand the power in what Jesus did. (I'm very much aware that I really struggle to believe sometimes that there is a future and a hope, but god provides people to tell me in those times). It's just me trying to work through it in my head, to write it down for myself. 

There are plenty more reasons for believing, loads of huge stories and little stories, that show Gods existence, his faithfulness, his love. But these are just a few that spring to my mind first.
And you can always ask him to show you, what have you got to lose? (Well, potentially everything, but that's a good thing, because nothing we have is that great anyway comparatively).

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