Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Day 2 - 100 things I am thankful for.

1- God's faithfulness.
2- The NHS, yeah they get a lot of complaints, but I'd be dead without them.
3- My church family - Birchfield church has a very special place in my heart, and I love all my family there very much, it's made up of a group of incredible people.
4- Bekki, Emillie, Harry, Bump and Ben, you guys have brought me a lot of love and joy.
5- Matt, Claire, Sophie, Annabelle (and bump), who have been a huge support, more than I thought people ever would be, and have taught me a lot.
6- Michael and Dan.
7- SWYM Be Transformed, a year that didn't turn out how I expected but I learnt more than I thought I would.
8- The Gateway, and last years UW team, and Claire Hardy, who have supported me last year and a long time before.
9- My family.
10- Dance.
11- Books.
12- Creativity.
13- Diet coke (it had to be in there somewhere).
14- All the lovely people at the Cafe - Jo, Hilary, Chris, Carole, Bethan etc.
15- Rachel.
16- Joel and Bex (and Minds Like Ours).
17- HUGE mugs. 
18- Andy (sorry for all I've put you through).
19- Jerry the cactus (it had to start getting weird somewhere...)
20- Summer Festivals.
21- Nai and Mark, who really supported me and still do from so far away! (Missing yoooooou).
22- Brad and Robin, who really helped opened my eyes back in march.
23- Pebbles, my rabbit that speaks with the voice of Emillie and Harry.
24 - Holly Court and the home treatment team and all the people involved in my care.
25- Opticians, and glasses, and the ability to see.
26- House group on Wednesday mornings :)
27- that I don't have to prove myself to God, or earn his love.
28- that I'm alive when I shouldn't be.
29- cards, I love it when people send letters or cards.
30- photographs.
31- the sea.
32- rain, cus I love the sound and the smell and the puddles.
33- having rights.
34- the availability of learning to all in the UK. 
35- Fred, who takes us on multiple adventurs.
36- little blessings, like realising I've managed to concentrate enough to read something or watch something, always feels like a little accomplishment.
37- sleep, when I get it its so good!
38- meaningful hugs.
39- Julia, who I miss incredibly. 
40- days and nights, and the secure pattern and stability that brings to life. 
41- jim-jams, which if it was socially acceptable, I would wear all day.
42- god providing things when I've needed them.
43- cas, who has seen so much of my life, unfortunately he's mute though,
44- hot drinks, coffee, hot chocolate. Hugging your insides. Mmmmmmm.
45- radiator trousers.
46- clothes and shoes.
47- running clean water.
48- heating.
49- having a government that does its best to help those who are vulnerable and/or struggling.
50- (half way!) dressing gowns. Unfortuneatley I don't actually have one right now though.
51- nature, it's so pretty.
52- Susie.
53- Rosie and Joe
54- Sarah
55- Abbie and Cyan
56- Ellie.
57- Sian, Tracey, Nicole and family.
58- Nurses, doctors and staff in the hospitals, specifically Hannah, Andrea, Bev, Sadie and Claire.
59- All the chaplains out there who support people daily where they are.
60- peanut butter.
61- hair brushes, even if they seem to make my hair fall out.
62- Barry.
63- hope.
64- Ella.
65- Nigel
66- Emily Hurlock, Stacey, Claire Stoney.
67- Washing machines and tumble dryers.
68- beds and duvets and pillows.
69- plates, bowls and cutlery.
70- mobile phones.
71- the Internet.
72- the ability to read and write.
73- the fact that there is always something you can learn from everyone you meet if you try hard to find it.
74- moustaches, but not real ones.
75- (75% done) fire alarms.
76- coffee shops.
78- electricity.
79- Samaritans, just think how many lives they help and change.
80- blurt organisation.
81- Frank, sometimes. Take note emillie-grace.
82- hot water bottles.
83- music.
84- headphones, so I don't have to listen to your music and I don't have to share mine.
85- Miranda.
86- my Nike hoody and running stuff.
87- hairbands.
88- that I can walk.
89- belts.
90- my Doc Martens.
91- ballet shoes, which I always love wearing. Always.
92- yoghurt.
93- colour, wouldn't life be boring without it?
94- Lily Lamb.
95- other people who share their experiences to help you through yours.
96- fun days out with amazing people
97- good memories.
98- things that smell of vanilla.
99- Jesus' death on the cross.
100- that this is finished. (Yes I wrote that in before some of the others, so what!)

If you read all of that well done. But you have probably wasted quite a bit of time, sorry!

Why don't you try and make one too?!

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