Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day 3 - things I enjoy and how they could be useful.

1- Dance. Dance is always fun, useful to let out emotions, to make you feel good, to keep you fit, to be sociable (or not seen as I do it mostly alone). It's great to teach other people, or to cps how a message. It's great to watch. 
2- Working with Children - always helpful when you help run a childrens club (WOOHOO FOR TNT BEING BACK ON TONIGHT AFTER THE SUMMER). Helpful for future careers (paediatric nursing). Just lots of fun. 
3- Making bracelets - good distraction, also good for helping you concentrate. If anyone wants me to make them a bracelet let me know, and colours and stuff, would appreciate £1 donation cus thread ain't free!
4- Reading - only helpful when my brain works, but great for learning things, or losing yourself in a pretend world.
5- Music - great for playing really loud through headphones and blocking out mental battles. Good for dancing too. Good for making you walk faster. Good for expressing yourself. Good for worship.
6- Writing - expressing yourself, explaining things to others, explaining things to yourself.

I'm sure they're are plenty of other things but these are the main ones that stand out,and I wanna keep this short and sweet!

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