Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 5 - what my heart is crying out for right now.

Ok, when I wrote the list of 10 things I would do I really was challenging myself with sharing, and this isn't gonna be easy.
A little about heart and head first. I won't talk about what my head cries out for, because my head doesn't always say helpful things, and I want this to remind me what the true me really wants to be, to see, to have, to know. When I talk about my heart I'm talking about what I desire, what I wish and hope for when I can.
My heart is crying out to see breakthrough in life, in my life, in lives of the kids at the club I help with, in the lives of the people I live with, in the lives of my friends, in the lives of my church family and the community surrounding it. My heart is screaming for me to care more, do more, be more for everyone else, but I have to remind myself how much better I can be at that once I can care more, do more and be more for myself. 
My heart cries out for freedom, freedom from confusion, from illness, from injustice. This is something I believe can only be found through God and Jesus death, which paid forms health, your health, healing, freedom etc. 
My heart cries out for people to understand, or at least accept me, and others with mental health problems as they are. Being diagnosed does not change who that person is, you don't get diagnosed and then get it, you already have it before your diagnosed, so don't treat them different now that it has a name ok?
Again, these are just a few things. But this reminds me why I shouldn't give up. Cus if I give up I cannot make a difference to even one person.

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