Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 6 - what does being better mean to me?

Being better means different things to different people, in relation to different illnesses. For example, if I had a cold, I wouldn't say "I'm better" until I didn't have any symptoms. But with something's that isn't the case.
At the moment to me being better would mean:
-being able to get a job and enjoy it.
-being able react in a productive rather than destructive way to emotions.
-being able to do the things anxiety stops me doing.
-being able to have a family and have children at some point in the future.
-being able to help others in similar situations to what I've been through.
-being able to fully understand complex information.
-being able to concentrate long enough to read solidly for an half an hour if I wanted to.
-being able to sleep at night.

Being well is about both the big and little things, it's not necessarily about removing the disorders completely, and I'm not entirely sure I would cope with that even if it was possible, because its always been there and it's how I make sense of the world, if it went away how would I make sense of the world? Instead it's about learning ways of coping and managing in a society that's designed for those who don't have the disorders I have. If more people had borderline personality disorder and society was made up of a majority of people with it I doubt I would have the same difficulties, but it isn't, so that's what I need to learn, that's how I get better. :)

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