Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day 10 - 20 things I want to do in the future.

These are little and big reasons to fight. 
1- have children.
2- go to university.
3- go to New York.
4- take the TNT kids to spree.
5- go to Bristol to see Emily, Claire and Rachel.
6- go to Germany and see Julia.
7- go to Rock School 2014.
8- write and record a song.
9- run a marathon
10- go to clovelly
11- do the colour run.
12- help someone else through something I've been through.
13- write a book
14- knit a baby jumper.
15- raise £1,000 for charity.
16- teach dance at TNT!
17- see my mummy and give her a big hug.
18- share my story once I'm through this and encourage others!
19- go to Cornwall and splash in the sea.
20- be able to say thank you to God for seeing me through this life at the end of it, and the. Go to be with him worshipping forever.

So that's my 10 days over. I hope you've enjoyed it. I have. I hope it's helped people feel they aren't alone, helped people understand, and more. I'll keep blogging, but not as often I shouldn't think! Thanks for reading :)

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