Monday, 11 November 2013

The Gospel.

So a couple of weeks ago in church, Matt asked us what the Gospel has done for us in our lives.
Just think about that for a moment. What has the gospel done in your life? 

What is the Gospel? The gospel is the story of humanity and God. The gospel is what Jesus did on the cross out of love to save you from your sin. The gospel is what God put himself through to be in relationship with you. To heal you. To talk to you. To listen to you. To walk with you. And not because he needed to be punished by death. Because YOU deserve death. I deserve death, because I am sinful. You deserve death because you are sinful. We are equal. But none of us are equal to God, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. They are perfect, they do not sin, they do not deserve death. And yet God sent his son, himself in human form, down to earth to face the same temptation we face, and yet he did not sin, he remained holy and pure. Yet he was punished because God loves each and every one of us so much.

The gospel is Jesus rising from death. He beat death. He didn't just die for our sins. Dead and gone forever. He triumphed over our sins, over sickness, over temptation and rose from his tomb and walked among us once more. (Avid then ascended to heaven).

So what has the gospel done in my life? It has done many things in my life. It has restored my body from near death. It has taken me to places and helped me help others in ways I'm incapable of. It's done many many things and will continue to do many many things.

Right now in my life the Gospel is more important to me than it has ever been, and I don't fully understand it yet! Luckily Gods ability to do things in and through us isn't reliant upon us or our capability or understanding. Most of you will probably know I've not been well, mentally and physically. And if you don't then read my earlier blog posts. The gospel does things for me in my every day life I'm not sure I'd manage without it. Tiny tiny things that if I was well may seem insignificant, but they are very significant.
The power of the gospel gets me up in the morning as opposed to my own strength which leaves me in bed. (Ironically I'm writing this sat on my bed). 
The power of the gospel gets me to phone people when I need to. I HATE PHONE CALLS. But when necessary I manage because Gods strength is in me.
It enables me to get through days where I feel like I'm in hell, because I know that Jesus has already taken sickness to the grave, and risen without it, and is with me.

Honestly, if I didn't know what Jesus had done for me, and I believe I still don't fully know, I would not be here right now, I wouldn't of had the strength to stand up every time I fell. My body wouldn't of stood up every time it crashed (and believe me it did that a lot).

I'm not saying I'm physically and mentally well again because I believe in Jesus and what he did. What I'm trying to say, is that one day I will be free of all of this, because Jesus has already paid the price. He has paid the price for you to be free too. I'm weak, I cannot do this in my own strength, I'm not still alive because of my own human ability. I'm alive because God is alive inside of me and Jesus replaced me on that cross and suffered on my behalf. And he did the same for you.
It doesn't make you less ill. It doesn't make all your problems go away. But it can give you hope if you let it. Things can get better if you choose worship, and by that I mean doing whatever it is God is asking you to, big things and little things, because he will provide you with strength to accomplish them. And no matter how long the suffering or illness, he will never stop providing, whether it's people, therapy, medicine, money, or anything else. He knows your needs and he will provide.

And yes I am still learning this lesson myself.