Tuesday, 31 December 2013


So, despite what I see around me I don't want 2014 to be a "fresh start" leaving the old behind. I left the old behind,  and I am already on a journey towards the new that god has for me and this is a journey I believe I've been dedicated to for a long time but increasingly since march, when I told God he really could have everything I my life and do what he wanted with me no matter what the consequences.

So this year I want to continue on that journey; continue listening to God and trying to do what he wants me to do when he wants me to do it; continue understanding what his death and resurrection means; and continue drawing closer to him.

Of course there are things to do a long the way that will help, and there are many things I want to do that I already am trying to do in 2014.

In 2014 I aim to: 
- keep happy memories, inspirational quotes and things in a jar, so at the end of the year if an reflect on all the positives of the year.
- keep walking on the path God has put me on, in terms of my mental health.
- keep getting to know God more, sharing what he wants me to and being honest with him.
- keep talking about mental health, sharing the reality of it and helping people understand.
- keep worshipping God in every way I can.

There aren't many things I want to completely change immediately, and I plan to take change when it comes. I've learned a lot in 2013, through the good and the bad, and I'd like to remember all I've learned, I don't want to just forget the bad and pretend it's not there, I want to use it to help myself and others, and the same with all the good :)

So I stand with God, and with friends, entering 2014, not trying to force anything new, but continuing to chose to focus my heart and mind on God. 

Happy New Year, I hope you can celebrate the good and the lessons from 2013, and move into 2014 with God :)

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