Saturday, 12 July 2014


Recently, at the childrens club I help at, at my church (Birchfield Church, TNT club), me and my friend Michael did a joint talk about beauty, and I would like to write a bit about what I said. My talk was more aimed at the girls, and Michael's was more aimed at the boys, because I am a female and he is a male!

Often, as a woman, we do not feel physically beautiful and we do not think we are physically beautiful. We may think some parts of us are beautiful, our legs, our hair, our eyes, our smile, any other parts. But we don't believe we are beautiful. I know that is my experience anyway. We try to top ourselves up with things we think make us more beautiful, but actually they don't, and trying to use them to make yourself more beautiful, in my experience, does not work. Im talking about losing weight, gaining weight, relying on make up, changing your hair, expensive clothes and shoes. Not that these things themselves are bad; make up isn't bad, but if you cant live without it then its stealing your freedom and peace and making you a slave to it; weight loss/gain isn't bad, but only when its to gain health and is deemed necessary by professionals. Yes this does sound very depressing (your probably thinking, great so I am just stuck at being physically unbeautiful). But the truth of the matter is, these things won't make you more beautiful. Nothing can make you more beautiful.

However, the reason that none of those things can make you more physically beautiful is because God already designed and created and made you 100% beautiful. I know this is really difficult you FEEL, but if you believe it as truth, then maybe feeling doesn't matter so much, because how you feel doesn't affect what is and isn't true. God made each and every woman beautiful, and exactly how he wanted them. Nothing can change that, not weight loss, not weight gain, not make up, not expensive clothes. Nothing. This not only means that YOU are beautiful, 100%, and don't need to change to increase their beauty, but it also means that ALL WOMEN are 100% beautiful, and so as women we need to respect and love each others beauty.

The graph below kinda shows what I mean.

I know how hard this truth is to believe. I'm not sharing it because I believe this truth 100% of the time and have no issues knowing that I am beautiful. I'm sharing this because I believed I wasn't beautiful for a very long time, and it could have killed me. But this truth has and is helping recover, because no matter how I feel, I try to remind myself of this, and sometimes its really difficult, but I won't give up, because the truth will set me (and you) free. 

I hope this helps you and makes sense to you, and puts you on a journey to finding and believing your physically beautiful. I hope it helps you start to turn to truth instead of feelings, in regards to beauty, or stops you before you start to rely on feelings to tell you your beauty.

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