Monday, 28 July 2014

Day 2, 100 days of reasons

I worship God because...he is with me in the good times and I am able to celebrate with him! Yes this is kinda similar to yesterdays (yesterdays was in dark/bad times), but God isn't just there in the bad, dark difficult times, he is there in the good times too. I think often we forget about God a bit int he good times, we forget that we still need him in order to really live, and we forget to thank him. This may not be the case for you, but I know it has been for me in the past, and now I make a real conscious effort to be with Jesus when I'm celebrating, because he is there whether I acknowledge that or not. If someone threw you a party, did all the organisation and made it all perfect and you would want to thank them and enjoy it with them right? Well every single good thing in your life is down to God, its him making those good times happen.

There have been lots of times I have been with God in the good times, hospital discharges (unless you've had one you have no idea how exciting this is, FREEDOM!), when I'm dancing, times of sung worship, seeing Miranda's live tour (Jesus loved that one!), being offered my first flat, craft group starting up, every single week at TNT, when I get to cuddle babies, when I see my mum, year after year at soul survivor, when I get to see friends, the list goes one, and these are all kinda separate reasons too, but thats not the point!

What's your reason to worship God today? (Please do share! If your on twitter #100daysofreasons!) When has God been there with you in the good times?

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