Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 3, 100 days of reasons.

Today I will worship God because when I needed somewhere to live, he provided places. 

In Yeovil town centre today a bunch of people I know from Yeovil's p2i service (a service for homeless young people in Yeovil) and Knightstone Housing Association (who manage the properties within the service) are talking to people about homelessness, and looking at host families for homeless young people. It reminded me of the journey I went on with God last year, learning to trust him to provide everything for me.

After staying with friends for a few months, and being in hospital, I was discharged under the condition I declare myself homeless. If you have never had to do that you cannot fully understand how that feels. Homelessness is more than not having a roof over your head, it's having somewhere to call home, for me it was having somewhere I could hide from the world, somewhere I could relax. God was with me throughout the process, and he provided me very supportive friends. I was very lucky and was given a crisis bed within a p2i property until they decided what the best route forwards was, and I appreciated not having to stay in B&B. Within two weeks I was found a room officially, in supported housing and I that was my new home.

Recently I was well enough and ready to move out of supported housing into independent living. On my birthday God provided me with an offer of a flat in the area I wanted to live, within the community of my church. He also provided everything I needed to move, mostly for free, and where it wasn't he provided the money. 

This is a reason why I worship God today, and a testimony of his goodness. Why do you worship God? What is your reason today?

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  1. Didn't know this part of your story, Love reading your blog entries!