Monday, 25 August 2014

Day 14, 100 days of reasons

I will worship God because he makes things come together for my good. Recently I've been pretty unwell, mentally and physically, but I was somehow well enough to go to Momentum for the day, and God provided all I needed to go. We went on the most convient day, day two, without knowing the program. It turned out that the day we went both Patrick Regan (XLP) and Arianna Walker (Mercy Ministries UK) were leading seminars. Not many people in christian leadership know a lot about Mental Health, or benefits in relation to them, and I was blessed to be able to ask both people for their advice on mental health. Along with that the seminars were both brilliant and God really spoke through them to me. The day could of turned out very differently but God blessed me and I had a great time with friends. So I will worship God, because even these little things in the ways he cares about me work together for the good of people who love him.

What is your reason for worshipping God today.

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