Friday, 1 August 2014

Day 6, 100 days of reasons

Today I will worship God because he provides my every need, including medication. I have needed a lot of different medications in my life time, for many different things. I will worship God for those medications, and the repeated times he has healed me, restored me, kept me alive when I could have died, set me back on my path to health and comforted me in my pain, and all these can and have included times he has provided me with medications. 

Particularly in mental health there is often a stigma attached to taking medication. But God used my mental health medication as part of the way he has saved me from death and set me on the road to recovery. I'm not ashamed of needing to take psychiatric medication, or medication for my physical health. I am thankful that I live somewhere that this is possible, and that God has provided the right medications to support my recovery.  He knows my body better than any doctor and better than I do, and he provides all it's needs, and I will worship him and thank him and testify to his goodness because of it.

What are you thankful for and worshipping God for today?

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