Saturday, 2 August 2014

Day 7, 100 days of reasons

I worship God today because...he is always good. In every situation, he is good, whether it's an easy situation or a hard situation, he is good. 

As humans we often think we understand good and bad, and we ask God why things happen and we blame him for our pain and hurt. It hurts him when we hurt, it hurts him when anyone hurts, and I believe he never wanted us to hurt. But there is sin, and evil, and so we hurt, and we cause hurt. But all our hurt, all our labour of keeping on going is not in vain, god will make good out of it, god is good, and everything he does is good, even when we don't understand it.

Sometimes I get little glimpses of God using things I've been through to help others, and for me that's a wonderful feeling. The growth God has brought me through during being ill and having difficult times is good, and it will be used for good. I can empathise with people better, and love people in a different way than before. I can understand to a different level what it's like to be homeless, to worry about money, to suffer daily and battle to keep going. Yes, I am saying that this is good. I'm not saying it's easy, I'm not saying it isn't painful and horrible and difficult. But I choose to believe God is good, always. Therefore he is good in my pain, and he will use me for good, and use my experiences for good. So I will worship him because of his goodness, and his ability to make all broken or damaged things good again.

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