Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Days 9, 10 and 11, 100 days of reasons

I missed a few days, things have been a little hectic, so here are three days in one post!

I will worship God for the NHS. The NHS has done a lot for me since I've been ill, both for my physical and mental health. I worship God because he set that up in the UK; because he made and provided training and all the other things good doctors and nurses and cleaners and porters and HCAs need to do their job; because if I didnt live in the UK and I lived somewhere with a more privately ran system that required insurance I would most likely be dead. Although the NHS sometimes has long waits and things don't go perfectly, it saves so many lives and imporves so many more. Its one of the ways, as a country, we care for those struggling, with health or poverty, and I really am thankful God has provided it through the government in the UK. When I was in hospital a lot one of the cleaners was really caring and took the time to talk to me when others didnt, and it made a real difference to how I felt mentally, and its experiences like that that show God and I thank him for.

I will worship God because he created DBT, for those wondering what I'm talking about, it stands for Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and its the main therapy for people with Borderline Personality Disorder/Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, Borderline Type (although in reality its helpful to a much wider range of people!). I worship God for creating this because its a very valuable set of skills that has improved my quality of life and really helped me on my road to being well. I thank God that 
I had the oppertity to take part in group DBT skills workshops, its so nice to know your not alone in your struggles and others struggle to, but even nicer to know that although you all struggle your all getting tools to help! So I thank God of all he put into this being available to people!

I will worship God because he has provided, through government, help for those unable to work, through benefits, due to ill health, and support for those going back to work with ill health. I worhsip God because this is one of the ways he looks after people who are unwell and suffering and struggling day by day, he provides for them, through a nation and a government who has placed systems to care for those struggling. Yes the system has its faults, but fundamentally its a system that cares for the unwell. I am especially thankful for this, as its the situation I have found myself in, and God has provided for me, not just in benefits to stop me being completely broke, but it many other ways. So I thank God and worship him for the caring hearts he has placed in many to help and care for those who are unwell. 

What will you be worshipping God for today?

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