Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Day 17, Jack Monroe's book.

Today I am thankful to God and worshipping him because of Jack Monroe's book, A girl called Jack: 100 delicious budget recipes. I got the book quite a while ago, and it has really been a blessing to have. 

Part of the journey I am on, with being unwell, and being too ill to work, is being in the benefits system. The money I get each week, and have done for over a year, is classed (by the government) as not enough to live on for a period longer than 3 months. Most of that journey I have been seriously blessed by friends giving and humbled by the way God has provided. Since moving out of supported housing and having to manage bills for the first time I am learning to budget tightly to get through each month without getting into trouble and one of the things that has really helped me is this book by Jack Monroe. It has recipes and explains how she went on a journey of living on £10 per week for food for her and her son, which believe me is not easy! The simple tips and recipes she has written from experience have helped me be able to cook easy healthy meals, and helped me not yet need the help of a food bank yet, like so many people do. 

Living on little money isn't easy, and is even harder when your poorly. I can't do everything I need to do to live as cheaply as I could if I was well, sometimes I can't even summon the energy to cook, but when I can these recipes help.

I recommend the book to anyone, struggling with poverty or not. If you have the money spare and the ability to do something to help people struggling with poverty then please do! Volunteer at free social groups that support people, at the homeless shelter; donate to food banks; campaign for better services. Use what God has given you to help those who are struggling, just as those who are struggling are trying to!

What are you worshipping God for today?

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