Tuesday, 24 February 2015

I'm living more days than I'm surviving.

Today I completed a year of DBT therapy skills group. Which stands for Dialectical behavioural therapy group. It's a sixth month skills course which requires you to do two courses, taking a year in total, and today that year has come to an end. 

Am I "recovered"? No, I'm not there yet, but I'm a lot further down that road than I was this time a year ago, and although it's not been a straight line up, I am getting better. I can stop and think now, I can be mindful, I can manage my emotions before they get too intense to deal with the majority of the time, I can get through difficult times, I can manage my illness a lot better, I can mostly keep myself safe. These aren't just skills for while I'm poorly, they'll be with me for life, and they'll have positive impacts on my life forever if I use them. 

I was asked to give a one sentence summary of the change DBT has made in this past year, and I said "I'm living more days than I'm surviving". I've survived many days, and in the past few years doing so has been extremely hard, but at the moment I am able to live more days than I just survive, and I praise God for that. 

(If I'm completely honest I've been in constant pain for just over a week, and so the past week has been mostly just surviving, but excluding this current battle, I'm living more).