Saturday, 10 October 2015

World Mental Health Day, and Chronic Illness

Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time, my head has been quite foggy! 

Since becoming chronically ill I have viewed a few of the things I used to post relating to my mental health in a slightly different way. You know those pictures put up about "if physical health was treated like mental health" etc, we'll I'm starting to feel differently about them. Yes, I agree mental health isn't treated well by people and there is a lot of stigma. Yes I agree that acute physical health crisis is treated very well compared to mental health crisis. However something I've learned since becoming unwell with a chronic physical condition is that not all physical health is treated well, people with chronic physical illness are often told they are making it up, or that biologically they should be able to do X, Y and Z. They are refused pain relief because there isn't a visible thing causing pain (like a broken leg). All sorts of different ways. But I just feel I need to share these thoughts. Yes, mental health is treated badly and is stigmatised, but so are a lot of physical health conditions, especially chronic ones or ones with little knowledge around them. 
Thank you for reading! :)