Sunday, 22 May 2016


On Wednesday day I lost a close friend to suicide, the third friend I've lost this way in the last 2 years, all in different circumstances, but all with the same ending. I struggle to find the words to express how painful it is to lose someone, I'm sure many of you know, in fact I know a lot of you do, because a lot of you are going through this with me right now, because Sarah touched so many lives and brought light and kind words into the darkest of places. Sarah fought so many hard battles, physically and mentally, she was so brave and strong. The pain of this all must have gotten to much, it does sometimes, and Sarah chose to leave. It breaks my heart that I wont receive texts or messages from her anymore, I half expect her to pop up and say shes alive and for that message to wake me up and this all be a nightmare, but I have to face that that won't happen. She isn't in pain anymore, she isn't suffering and struggling. We will always remember her, we will always love and cherish our memories of her, and we will continue to fight the fight in her memory.

For me songs and lyrics really express this best and are constantly swimming round my head at this time, so I've included some pictures with lyrics and some songs that I either think of right now or need to hear right now, and so I wanted to share so others could to. Please feel free to share any songs or lyrics that come to mind for you.

I love you Sarah, RIP beautiful xx