Thursday, 18 May 2017

One year on

Today is a really difficult day for me, and I'm sure others. A year ago today I lost one of my closest friends, Sarah Ellis, we joked about being twins, we spoke daily, and then suddenly you were snatched from us. This year has been so hard without you Sarah, every day I wish you were still here with us, that your illnesses didn't snatch you away so cruelly when you'd battled so so hard. My world broke that day. But today I was to choose to remember the positive times we shared, the lessons you taught me about being stronger than the illnesses, about fighting with other all your might, the funny times you made me laugh or we were silly, the times you'd stay up all night just to get me through the night or persuade me to stay for treatment. You brightened my life so much, I only wish you could have kept doing so, but your light and love with always be with me, and the keepsakes and happy times we had will keep me going, I know you would want that. I went and purchased this today in memory of you, it glints purple in the light, your favourite colour, and it's the friendship charm, it says friendship on the silver. I love you so much and miss you just as much. A year on its no easier. Love you Sarah my angel

Please, if your suicidal or struggling with your mental health please please reach out, to me, to a friend, to family, to a teacher or doctor, or to samaritans (116 123). You are not alone. 💕
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