Monday, 15 May 2017

Wheelchair things!

So I've had my powerchair since February and these are some of the things I've noticed! 
Paths are really bumpy, and don't get me started on cobbles! I've decided it counts as a work out like those vibrating plate things! 
People can be really kind and helpful, if you can't reach something or your having trouble someone will probably offer to help :) 
Thursdays are now a new form of torture thanks to bin day. On the plus side I'm an expert on moving bins and hand sanitising whilst steering. 
Yeovil is great going to places and horrible going home - HILLS!!!! 
Road works are amazing because you feel special when your going faster than the cars! 
Wind = leaves in face. 
Not all drop curbs are dropped. 
Slanted bits off path, like where they are sloped for driveways are a bit tricky to start with because the chair naturally wants to go down the slope but down the slope is the road. Not a good plan! 
I've become very friendly with some overgrown hedges.
If your struggling to so some tricky turning or go backwards through or on something narrow (taxi ramps) people ask if your drunk a lot. 
"Don't drink and drive" 🙄
"are you allowed to use your phone while driving?" It may be built like a tank but im not driving a car. 
However I am insured if I run you over, the powerchair delivery man kindly informed me. 
People Park illegally a lot, and that means we get stuck a lot cus we can't go round them. 
Lots of people don't indicate, and we can't just start going and speed up if someone comes, the chair has a limited speed, so crossing roads can be harder! 
Wheelchairs come with their own superpower where they sometimes (and not in a good way) make you become invisible. 
Head rests are good in theory, but when mixed with bumpy paths could easily lead to concussion. 
Buggy accessories are essentially as suitable for wheelchairs as they are buggys. 
I have a good side and a bad side of my chair. One looks like a dogs tried to eat it (someone told me a dog had been at it, I had to explain that nope that's just my bad side!), the other looks fine! 
Wheelchair modification is theoretically very exciting until you realise there is literally nothing out there to easily modify or decorate it. Unless you want to wear a giant navy blue poncho. 
Lifts break a lot and people don't always get them fixed - BUT GOODS LIFTS ARE A THING!!! Just face your social anxiety and ask someone! 
Chair anxiety is a thing - first time you see someone in your chair? ANXIETY. First time you go somewhere in your chair? ANXIETY. Attempting to get the bus? ANXIETY. Trying to do difficult manoeuvres with someone watching? ANXIETY. 

Don't try and lift the chair, it's the weight of two humans. 

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